Technology and iPads


The development and use of Information Technology at Broadford Primary School has been a main priority for many years. Our students have access to the following technological resources:-

  • A local school network connecting every classroom to the Internet.

  • Access to iPads or netbooks in the classroom.

  • A wide range of curriculum software that is an integral part of classroom teaching and learning

Acceptable Use Agreements

2019 Foundation: Click Here

2019 Grade 1/2: Click Here

2019 Grades 3-6: Click Here

iPad App Lists

2019 Foundation, Grade 1/2 App List: Click Here

2019 Grade 3-6 App List: Click Here 

Trouble Shooting Form: Click Here 

iPad Setup Instructions (For School Purchased iPads): Click Here

iPad Setup Instructions (For Non-School Purchased iPads): Click Here

iPad Rules and Expected Behaviours: Permission Form: Click Here

iPad Setup Instructions