Physical Education


Children receive one hour of physical education per week. There is a strong focus on fitness, learning how to take turns and share (co- operation), working in groups, teamwork, hand eye co-ordination, skill development, body movement and awareness, learning rules of games and safety aspects, accepting umpiring decisions, experiencing winning/losing and having fun. 


Examples of activities- swimming, throwing and catching, kicking and hitting balls, skipping, learning and developing skills in soccer, afl, netball, softball, tee ball, rounders and athletics. 

Inter- school events for grade3-6 include swimming, cross country and athletics offering a chance to qualify for division, regional and state competition. Grades5/6 compete in inter school competitions in rounders, cricket, basketball, softball, soccer, football, netball and t- ball. Hoop time basketball and kanga 8 cricket are offered if possible.