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The Canteen will be open in 2018 for school lunches and over the counter purchases.  The Canteen is not open on Wednesday.


A full list of items and prices is sent home at the beginning of each term.

Please remember when you order lunch for your child they still need snacks and a drink for first play.  No icy poles to be ordered in lunch orders. 

We always need volunteers to help out in the canteen, especially Friday.  If you can spare some time please see Hayley in the canteen or contact the school office.



50c Wednesday


On Wednesday we have parents from our Gardening Club selling items for 50c.  All money goes towards our school gardens.  


In 2015 we have seen some amazing improvements to our school yard, all thanks to the Gardening Club and the support of students purchasing items on Wednesday lunch time at the Canteen window.